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New Projects

New Projects have gotten bigger, both physically and idealistically. My most current activity can be found on Instagram.

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Sonoran Totem - 2023

Glass and Steel

Inspired by wildlife residing outside my  Arizona home. This totem represents the creatures of the Sonoran Desert. Existing together, predator/prey, yet each finding their own space to reign and prosper.

Standing more than four and a half feet tall This piece will fill most entry ways.

WHO ??? - 2023

Glass and Steel

A world in crisis, WHO can save us?!    Scientific innovators, leaders of faith, or the mothers of another generation?

1. Free Your Mind.JPG

Free Your Mind - 2023

Glass and Steel

The final freedom is the ability to control one's own thought and behavior. Once you close that door, it's no longer yours.

Pablo's Pigeons - 2023

Glass and Steel

Inspired by my visit to the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain, I immediately began drawing and visualizing.
Returning home, it took nearly weeks
 to create the image I had drawn in my head.

Pablo, at the window of his French villa with his feathered companions.


2. Pablo's Pigeons.jpg
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