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New Projects

New Projects have gotten bigger, both physically and idealistically. My most current activity can be found on Instagram.

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Sonoran Totem - 2023

Inspired by wildlife residing outside my  Arizona home. This totem represents the creatures of the Sonoran Desert. Existing together, predator/prey, yet each finding their own space to reign and prosper.

Standing more than four and a half feet tall This piece will fill most entry ways.

WHO ??? - 2023

A world in crisis, WHO will help?!
A scientific breakthrough,
a miracle of faith,
or the mothers of a generation?


Open Your Mind - 2023

If you open your mind - what will you find? 
A question best addressed when posed to one's self.

The construction of this piece is completely glass and steel, except for the components inside the head, enabling its contents to change with your mood.

Pablo's Pigeons - 2023

Inspired by my visit to the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain, I immediately began drawing and visualizing.
Returning home, it took nearly weeks
 to create the image I saw. Pablo sitting at his window with his birds.
Unfortunately, my drawing book from that trip was lost in later travels. But the inspiration will not.

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