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Glass Gallery

- Available for commission and collaboration -


   My abstract               rendition of

   a notorious

Arizona predator.                      $1,200

inspired by


inspired by


Diamondback - 2009

 10x11 in / 25.4x27.9 cm


A glass rendition

of the all-too-familiar

blue fabric mask that both protected and alienated us.


Virtual Contact - 2021

10.5x8.5x7.4 in / 26.7x21.6x19cm

Horse of the Sea

This project began with a trip to the Seychelles where I collected the mollusks and corral that accompany the piece.


Horse of the Sea - 2004

16x6x18 in 40.6x15.2x45.7 cm 

Sea Glider.JPG

Inspired by both the iridescence and texture of the glass, like sunlight through the rolling surf.

Its patina metal surfaces provide natural flow to convey tranquility and peacefulness.


Sea Glider - 2020

11.5x10.3x3.5 in / 4.25x4.1x1.4 cm 


Always, with a look of wonder or perhaps, "How nice to eat you."


Different from previous  accomplishments, a ridged trunk atop a seemingly frail base incorporates tension wires into each leg for stability.    


Curious Mantis - 2020

14x11x10 in / 35.5x27.9x25.4 cm

103 - Copy (2).JPG
Buffalo Primitivo

Classic North American Buffalo - a study in primitivism. 


Buffalo Primitivo - 2020

 5.7x9 in /  14.5x22.9 cm

Conch Shell

Returning home from Trinidad & Tobago, I found a small shell in my pocket.



Sitting on my table for months, it finally became my model. 


Conch Shell- 2008

2.7x7.5 in / 6.8x19 cm

Nobel Totem
DSC_0114 (2).JPG

During a trip to British Columbia, I studied hundreds of totems from Canada's First Nations. Returning home, I developed this unique design depicting the hierarchy of the natural world and attempting to invoke a similar sense of reverence.   


Noble Totem - 2011

35x17 in / 89x43.1 cm

Rose' Scorpion
Rose' Scorpion

    A ruby red version    of a common Arizona resident -        enlarged for

    maximum impact.


Rosé Scorpion - 2010

6x7x9 in / 15.2x17.8x22.9 cm

DSC_0103 (3).JPG
Stallion Minor

The prelude to Stallion Noir, and an exercise in adding motion to my medium.   


Stallion Minor - 2018

8.75x6x1.75 in / 3.44x2.36x0.69 cm 


One of my earliest works, spanning one year from plan to completion. Much of my current technique and process and was

developed during

its design and



Trojan Horse - 2004

16x6x18 in / 40.6x15.2x45.7 cm 

DSC_0104 (2).JPG
Origami Swans

Heavily textured glass lends to the illusion of origami paper.

               Bearers of

success and good fortune.


Origami Swans - 2015

7x8.5x3.5 / 5.8x10x9 in

17.8x21.6x8.9 / 14.7x25.4x22.9 cm

Stallion 4.jpg
Stallion Noir

A statement piece inspired by summer days kayaking the Salt River, where wild horses gather at the water's edge.


Stallion Noir - 2020

27x7x26 in / 68.6x17.8x66 cm


Constructed completely of glass, these adult-sized masks were designed for display


A whimsical, creative piece.     $1,350


Funny Face - 2015


Once worn as  a costume.  

Hooded cloak

not included.


Skull Mask - 2017

DSC_0075 (2).JPG

This majestic mask was a created in recognition of the poaching  and killing of endangered species that threaten to change our world forever, if not stopped.


Leo - 2010


Another noble creature on the brink of extinction.



Wolf - 2011

Pieces from the Past

Completed projects no longer in my collection.

Translucent Swan - 2020

22x17x18 in / 55.9x43.2x45.7 cm

As I often do for larger projects, a smaller scale version was built first to

identify and work through the most  complex areas of construction. 


The Phoenix - 2019

8x12.5 in / 20.3x31.7 cm

In homage to the place I have called home for over 40 years. I could be coerced into building something larger. 


Pearl Box - 2018

7.5x5x1.5 in / 3x1.9x0.59 cm

This hinged oyster was used by a client to hide a special pearl necklace for his sweetheart.

Night Meets Day - 2012

8.5Hx13 in / 21.6x33 cm

This was done as a study toward the final design for a unique face for a grandfather clock.   $950

Year of the Dragon

Multiple trips to China's Forbidden City inspired this work, which is reminiscent of many of the carvings and sculptures found there.                                                                                                            $2,400


2001 - Copy.JPG

Year of the Dragon - 2012

6.5x5.5x14.5 in / 16.5x14 cm

Church Glass Ivy - 2014

60x72 in / 152x183 cm

Decorative glass vines custom-designed to create high impact in an entryway yet subtly blend into this client's outdoor landscape.

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