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Desert Ridge Marketplace - Explore         

Scottsdale, Arizona                     May – July 2021


Title: Out of the Garden

An assortment of flowers leave their pots and go to the park to explore a variety of activities they have never done before, i.e. skateboarding, fishing, hang gliding, flying a kite, swinging, jump rope, and many, many more.

Desert Ridge7.jpg

Dab Gallery - Art in the Time of Corona – Vol. 2  

Los Angeles, California                    June 2021

Title: Virtual Contact      

After a year of hiding behind our face coverings, I created a glass rendition of the all-too-familiar blue fabric mask that both protected and alienated us. Complementing this piece is a pair of Virtual Reality Glasses, reflective of the alternate ways we connected during the pandemic.


Fusion Art - Animal Kingdom

Palm Springs, California                   September 2021

Title: Leo the Lion

For centuries, the lion has symbolized strength, leadership and courage. People under this zodiac sign are said to be expressive and proud, with sudden outbursts of enthusiasm.

This majestic mask was a created in recognition of the poaching and killing of endangered species that threaten to change our world forever if not stopped.

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